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Why Winter Tires?

Grip is critical -- not just to avoid getting stuck, but to ensure that the car can stop and steer. Life-saving safety technologies such as antilock brakes, electronic stability control and all-wheel-drive cannot do their jobs if the tires can't maintain their grip on the road surface.


Read more why we recommend using winter tires this snowy season..

Beat it - Winter! 9 Tips to help you get where you need to go safely this cold season

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but winter is upon us. Will your vehicle get you home safe?


AW has the parts you need to get you where you need to go safe and sound this winter season. A couple important things to think about are winter wiper blades, batteries, tires, antifreeze, wiper fluid and snow brushes. We proudly carry all of these parts and more!


Don't get left in the cold! Swing by and prep ahead. We're here to help.

AW Road Trip Checklist

It's that time of season all! While we all know Niagara is an amazing region with all it's great dining, parks and attractions - it's type to explore. If you are like us - then that includes a road trip somewhere in your summer vacation plans.The last thing you want is to have unexpected car trouble to leave you stranded at the side of the road, ruining all the fun. A pre-trip vehicle check is quite possibly the quickest and best way to ensure that your car is ready to get you to your destination. Especially if this trip includes your little ones!  


What are HID's

What are HID's? What are Kelvins? What are Colour Temps? How long do they last?


These are just a couple of the most commonly asked questions here at AWM regarding HID Replacement headlight kits. Have a peak at the attached article to learn more about what an HID is and which Colour temp might work best for you.

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